Scotts Turf Builder Bonus S Southern Weed – Gardening & Lawn Care

Is your lawn destroyed? Weeds are all over your lawn again? Even turf spread or sheet is affected? No problem… we have a solution for that. Scotts Turf Builder Bonus Southern Weed and FeedF2 Fertilizer is the answer to all your questions.


Turf is a grass along with the layer of soil that remains intact with its roots. It is the high quality flexible grass which remains soft and glossy throughout the year. Nowadays, turf grasses are used for decorative purposes in homes, hotels and roof tops. There is no need to put extra effort to keep gardens in their best conditions with turf grass. It is altogether weather proof, but there is still a chance of weeds to grow and damage the turf surface. These attacking weeds can be of various types like they can be thorny, broadleaf or bushy plants. Here you require the best lawn weed killer which is not only a weed killer but also nourishes the grass.



Scotts Turf Builder Bonus Southern Weed and FeedF2 Fertilizer not only kills unwanted plants already present but also prevents new weeds from growing. Moreover, it nourishes your turf grass and thickens the density. You can use it on various turf grass lawns like Centipede grass, St. Augustine grass, Carpet grass & Zoysiagrass. If you apply this feed regularly, you will find that your turf will survive excess heat and strenuous family activities too. Its best results are observed within 4 to 6 weeks.

Weed killer
This package has a dual-action formula. It not only kills weeds but also prevent them to grow again. It kills dollarweed and clover, as well as black medic, buckhorn, burclover, geranium, chickweed and dandelions.
This product can also use as a fertilizer. It nourishes the turf grass and provides all the nutrients to your lawn that help to thicken and flourish the grass.
Large area
This one single packet is sufficient enough to cover a large area of around 5000 square feet. You just have to follow the instructions and apply with the help of Scotts Broadcast/Rotary spreader or a Scotts Drop spreader.


It is a granule based fertilizer. Therefore, it requires watering immediately after spreading the product. Do not use handful of fertilizer as done in old days, as it can damage your skin on contact. Therefore, you should always use Scotts Broadcast/Rotary spreader or a Scotts Drop spreader for this purpose. After evenly applying the fertilizer, water your lawn at least ¼ to ½ inch of your turf grass. It will help the granules to absorb into the grass and soil, which will nourish the lawn with essential ingredients. While spreading the feed, be cautious not step on the granules you have already spread. Allow the grass to dry. Now it’s safe for everyone to enjoy the beautiful environment.

Every product in the market available has some advantages and disadvantages too which are discussed below:

  • It kills weeds and prevents them to reappear.
  • It nourishes lawn.
  • It can cover almost 5000 square feet of area.
  • It builds thick green turf in order to prevent weed development.
  • This product requires accurate measurements for better results.
  • It may damage skin on contact.


Is it rain proof?
This is the best organic weed killer which comes in the form of grains. Therefore, rainfall will help it to absorb into the soil properly. However, if you are expecting heavy rainfall, then you should wait and apply fertilizer after wards.
Does high temperature affect its results?
This feed can be applied when temperature remains constant in between 60 to 90 degree for better results.
Though, Scotts Turf Builder Weed and FeedF2 Fertilizer requires a little time in applying but it ensures weed free environment and thickens your turf grass for longer time periods. This makes it the best commercial weed killer and fertilizer.