Scotts DiseaseEx Lawn Fungicide – Lawn Fungus Control Reviews

Scotts DiseseaEX lawn fungicides are most popular and highly recommended as the best weed killer for lawns. They have the capacity to covering the larger land area juts on a single application. Due to their excellent efficiency and good effects, they are known as the best weed killer on the market with long-lasting impacts. After a single application, the effective is remain up to four weeks. They are widely used for most common diseases. In which includes patches of brown colour, rust smut, powdery materials: pink patches a summer patch and many more. After the application of chemicals, you can see the effect within hours. This feature makes it the first choice of everyone. Moreover, this is also the best weed killers for flower beds and acts as a preventer from multiple harmful diseases. They have the capacity to cover all most all the lawn disease which damages the productivity of plants. Due to the product of reliable and potent chemicals, they have the ability to cover the larger areas. Mostly they cover the area of 5000 square feet on the first attempt. The procedure of applying is very safe and secure, so we can say that these are the safest weed killers and you can cover approximal 26 diseases by this product.


  •      PRIMARY USE OF PRODUCT-primarily they perform as fungicides.
  •      USEABLE ON-you can apply the products on all the grass, Bahia, Bermuda, bluegrass, centipeds, zoysia, etc.
  •      MOST FAVORABLE SEASON -the most favourable season of applying is summer, spring, and fall. But they are not pets and kids friendly.
  •      COVERAGE -the whole one bag can easily cover the 5000 square feet of area.
  •      QUANTITY OF APPLYING-all the instructions are mention on the bag, so must followers instructions.
  •      NET WEIGHT – the net weight of the product is approximately seven pounds. While if including shipping, then the weight is raised to 10.1 pounds.
  •      MANUFACTURES-this is made by scoots manufactures and the dimension of the product is 2.5 x 13 x 9.5 inches.
  •      WARRANTY- the company gives a warranty of 1 year. If you are are in search of high-quality, excellent weed killer, then Scott’s disease ex is the best weed killers on the market with an excellent rating of 4.1 at out 5.
  • SMALL AMOUNT COVER LONGER AREA-the small number of Scott’s diseases have the ability to covering the larger affected area.
  • SEASONAL FRIENDLY-they is suitable for approximately in all seasons, so no need to weigh for apply.
  • ADDITION INGREDIENTS -for getting better outcomes, you need to add some other ingredient in them.
  • NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF LANDS-they are suitable for thinner or grassy lands. While in the case of thick brushy land area, they don’t show excellent performance.


Q1. Does it need additional ingredients, or what we can add?
Yes, sometimes if you want to get impressive outcomes, you can use other ingredients in them. It depends upon the type of weeds but mostly used water and vinegar for improving results.
Q2. Is it harmful to other surrounding plants or not?
No, it does not affect the other landscape you can easily them without any worry but must care about the quantity of product.