RM43: One of the Best Weed Killers

Most of the people searched for the best weed killer in the market so that they can get rid from them easily. With RM43 total vegetation control, they can end their search because it contains 43.68 glyphosate plus weed preventer.

This formula will help to kill the weeds and grasses apart from the same it will also prevent their growth for at least 1 year. The best thing about the product is you and your pets can easily enter the spread area.

The areas where you can use RM43 to prevent unwanted growths are fencerows, sidewalks, driveways, barns, parking areas, around farm buildings and it would be the best Weed Killer for Lawns.

The size of each RM43 container is enough to cover the area of 4324 sq. feet. We would like to suggest you to apply this product only in the areas where no vegetation growth is required. And don’t use this weed killer over the root zone of any desirable plant.


The reason why this is one of the most effective products is, with glyphosate it also includes imazapyr. Any person can use this product easily. The reason why you should only buy this product is, it is effective, strong and powerful.

There are a variety of sizes of this product which include 0.25-gallon, 1-gallon, and 2.5-gallons. The gallon container of .25 gallon is enough to cover the area of 43243 sq.ft. but it will be a little costly. In addition to that, 1 gallon can treat the area of 17296 sq.ft.

RM43 43-Percent Glyphosate Plus Weed Preventer for Total Vegetation Control

  • Prevents 43 of Glyphosate weed.
  • Best to use for vacant lots, brick or gravel walkways, roadsides, etc.
  • Prevents growth of weeds up to one year.
  • Long shelf life
  • Very easy to use
  • Can be utilized in all seasons
  • It also kills good vegetation many times.
  • Very costly

FAQs Related To RM43

Will this product control leafy spurge?
Let us tell you that RM43 is one of the Best Weed Killer For Flower Beds and Leafy Spurge. You just have to apply it to the area where you don’t want any unwanted plants and rest it will handle. You will definitely gonna love this.
I am facing trouble because I don’t know how to mix it?
If you will not mix it properly and in an appropriate amount then the product will not gonna work for you. So take 7.4 ounces of the product and mix 1-10 gallons of water in it. It would be enough to cover the area of 1000sq.ft.
For 1 year how much of RM43 can I apply?
If you will apply a maximum of 2.5 gallons per year then for the whole year your crops would be safe from unwanted plants.