Ragan & Massey Glyphosate Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer

If you, your loved ones or any other person you know is worried about excessive grass and weeds, as well as that never stops growing and if you are searching for the best homemade weed killer, then this weed killer is here to show you its spectacular working ability that will definitely aid you in getting rid of undesired weeds and grasses. It is the best weed and grass killer that will help you clean all unwelcome weeds.


It is the best natural weed killer that will help you control the growth of almost all annual as well as perennial plants. This product is what you need to overcome the growth of displeasing weeds, grasses, and other plants as well. This is the best weed killer that will assist you to control stump growth. This is the prime weed killer because it will not stop or affect the growth of the other healthy plants.

When, where and how to use

This herbicide can be used in driveways, walkways to clean the weeds and grasses that cover the pavements and make them look ugly. It can also be applied along fences to keep your property secured. You can use it around flower beds, trees and shrubs around fruits and vegetable gardens. Before using it around edibles, one must read the labeled directions.

To get the finest results of the product, apply it to unwelcome weeds and grasses when the temperature is at least 70°F and no forecast for rainy season for at least next 24 hours. It will work best and behind expectations when sprayed properly on desired areas in hot temperature and environment. It should not be sprayed on areas that you don’t want to be cleared off.

Solution to Unwanted Weeds and Grass

This natural weed killer is easy to work with and get rid of unwanted weeds. It gets mixed with water within a minute. A little quantity of the product is required to control a vast area. You just need 3 tablespoons of product in 3 liters of water for general weed control. If you need it for tougher weed control, you can mix 5 tablespoons in 3 liters of water. 3 liters of ready to act amount of chemical will cover 300 sq.meter.

It must be sprayed to foliage of plant to get the desired results. The glyphosate applied to roots of plants will kill the plant or weed. Glyphosate is post-emergent herbicide so the areas treated with this chemical can be replanted within next 24 hours.

  • Easily makes ready to use spray that is easy to handle.
  • It can be used to kill the roots easily as it kills every weed it comes in contact with.
  • You can plant edibles on land after a day of spray.
  • A little amount of concentrate will help you clear vast land.
  • Temperature changes can affect its working.
  • Can be dangerous to living beings , so keep it out of range of children.


Q: How many gallons the total concentrate can make?
Ans: It can make up to 12 gallons of ready to use spray.
Q: How many gallons the total concentrate can make?
Ans: Yes, it can work on poison ivy as well, but you will need to work with patience on it.