Preen Garden Weed Preventer (Covers Large Areas)

This is the best weed and grass killer, which stops the weeds for further growth for up to three months. The company gives you a guarantee for three months weed are not growing after applying preen garden weed preventer. The procedure of using this best natural weed killer is so easy.

You can apply this product on several organized flowers, trees, and shrubs. Moreover, you can also utilize the best homemade weed killer ion, the driveways, more significant landscapes, parking areas, etc. The method of applying is so easy by using the flip-top. The other beneficial feature of this natural weed killer you can utilize this at any climate condition.

Its effects are the same in summer and spring. The is also a very favorable and best lawn weed killer for killing the weeds from the depth of plants like roots, stems, etc. But remember that preen garden weed preventer does not kill the existing weeds but working as excellent resistant for the development of further weed. You can use it safely and soundly over the edibles. Single can cover up to 900 square feet of area.


The overall dimension of the product is 4.8 x 8.5 x 11.5 inches. The net weight of preen garden weed prevented 5.62pounds when I added the shipping than the weight raised to 6.4 pounds. After applying of preen, the granules of water are exerting ingredients. These ingredients are working as a resistant barrier to block the way of weeds to move in the deeper part of the plants. Remember that must apply the material when the plant and soil are dehydrated. Otherwise, the material is sticky with the mulch of land and not get excellent outcomes.

Preen is also resisted by the germination of seeds. They are a compelling product and killing the tough weed from grass and lawn. Best time of applying when the trees are 2 to 3 inches in length. The material can penetrate to deeper parts and clean all weeds. So if someone asks me what is the best weed killerthen I highly recommended preen garden weed preventer to everyone. All the precaution and procedure of applying is mention on the bottle of the product.

  • GOOD COVERAGE-Single can cover the 900 square feet area.
  • MOST RELIABLE-They are straightforward and reliable in use. They are building in the spreader cap. Excellent protector for established new lawn from weeds.
  • NOT HUMAN AND PET-FRIENDLY-They are not human and pet-friendly and causing severe health issues like skin rash and respiratory problems.
  • POST EMERGENT -This is a post-emergent weed killer, so don’t kill the existing weed just resistant to further growth.


Q1. Can I safely plant bedding plants after treating the soil with Preen?
Yes, you can easily use this on bedding plant, but before applying, you need to treat the soil; otherwise its prevent the germination of seeds.
Q2. Can I spray weed killer instead of pulling them?
Sprayed used many times, but by pulling apply extensive amount material so no need to apply again and again.