The Best Pre-Emergent Andersons Pro Turf Barricade Granular Weed Killer


Are you worried that these summer annuals, biennial and perennial weeds will grow in your land and these will then make your land full of unwanted weeds and grass? Then the pre-emergent weed killer is the option you should go for. This best weed killer spray is very effective in the struggle against these annuals, biennial and perennial weeds like crabgrass, goosegrass, carpetweed and spruge etc.

Who don’t want to control these unwanted weeds and grass?  Then you should use this best commercial weed killer which is the Andersons pro turf barricade granular weed killer. It’s the best organic weed killer in the market. It contains pre-emergent properties. Pre- emergent properties means that it will not kill the already existing weeds but it will impede the growth of new weeds.

This is the best grass and weed killer. It will not hamper the germination process instead it prevents the formation of new weed and grass by killing their roots. What it does is that it stops the root development and this occurs at soil level. Therefore it does not stop the germination process of the weeds rather it destroys the baby roots so that it will not grow.

When to use this barricade?

To get the better results you should use this Andersons pro turf barricade granular weed killer during early summers because this is the time when these summer annuals and biennials grow.  It is most efficient when it is used during early summers and make sure that the temperature of the soil is below 55 centigrade when you apply this product. Apply it at a four inch depth.

For this product to be completely effective it must also be given rainfall or irrigation so that the area can become active and it will start hindering the growth of new weeds and grass. It’s the best weed killer for grass also. For complete application must see the product label first then use it according to the instructions and precautions that are given.

Pros & Cons

  • It is the most effective pre-emergent weed killer.
  • It is the most cost effective pre-emergent weed killer.
  • It can impede the growth of almost all types of summer annuals, biennial and perennial weeds.
  • Chemical can cause damage to the environment and to the health of the people if it is used in high amount.
  • It will kill the roots of grass wherever it will touch so you have to spray the application very carefully.


Q: Will this stop clover and dallisgrass?
A: Yes, this product can stop the growth of many types of weeds and grass. Read the product label first and then use the application for better results.
Q: Will this stop clover and dallisgrass?
A: Yes, you should apply it as long as you don’t want weeds to grow at that place.